Since January 18, we have been writing about the scandal, raised by the Russian terrorist, “Cossack” Yegor Guzenko, connected with “major” Yulia Petrakova from the aggressor’s “Crimean”, “126 Marine Brigade”.

Then Guzenko accused Petrakova of constantly plundering the so-called “humanitarian aid”, including the content of “personal parcels of relatives”, and then the “drain tank” of the aggressor’s special services, the fake “blogger” Alexander Talipov, acted as the “defender” of Petrakova, close to the Aksyonov criminal clan.

Now this “information battle” between the aggressor-serving “volunteers”, Guzenko and Talipov, “reached a new level” after the terrorist “Cossack” reported a number of remarkable information about the commander of the aggressors’ “Crimean” “22nd Army Corps, Arkady Marzoev.

As Guzenko stated, “in the first few days of the war in the southern direction … about one and a half thousand guys died” from aggressors’ troops, that “from Chaplinka to Kherson … not one column [22nd Corps] was burned, but exactly three columns, in each more than a dozen people were” and further “from the 126th Coast Guard Brigade, at best, one fourth remained, the rest of the personnel were crammed with mobilized and they continue to die.”

“Cossack” accuses Marzoev that “the general, instead of going about his business, sits in a telegram and looks out for who and what is saying”, and that “his dining room in the “Antonovsky” bunker was upholstered with golden tide fabric. The refrigerator is only indesit to be, TVs with white frames, not black ones. He strained the 127th brigade to buy it from their own pockets”. Guzenko also gives examples of Marzoev’s communication with “subordinates” in the style of the criminal world, and mentions “idiotic parades on Chernobaevka”.

“Who is laying guys about the islands on the Dnieper now? Potemkin Island alone is worth what, how many guys out of 126, 127 and 25 died there? Who will answer for this?”, – Guzenko declares the probable aggressor’s losses.

It is obvious that Guzenko’s statements that caused Talipov’s hysteria that “it’s time to let comrade general down from the stars and f…ck off” are connected with a clan struggle among Russian generals and Kremlin groups.

After all, Marzoev, who served twenty years ago in the 58th army of the Russian Federation as a battalion commander under then army commander Valery Gerasimov, is an obvious “protégé” of the current chief of the Russia’s general staff, and compromising evidence against him has been published right now for a direct reason.

However, the terrorist Guzenko’s statements are quite remarkable in themselves, regardless of the fate of the defendants mentioned in them.

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