As the occupiers-controlled “media” are forced to admit, the illegal “football club” “Sevastopol”, criminally included by the invaders in the so-called “second division” of the Russian football championship, “announced significant personnel losses”, in particular “during the preparation of the team for the season at the training camp in Novopavlovka, 7 players left the team at once”.

At the same time, a number of “players” decided not to risk violating the UEFA requirements for the “Crimean teams”, and, as the “club leaders” were forced to admit, “Dilyaver Nuridinov, Denis Malyshev, Alexander Chelyadnik, Leonid Zagrebelny and Oleg Solovich cannot be declared … due to the inability to issue a Russian football passport for them”.

The example of “Sevastopol” shows why not all “Crimean teams” went for a criminal combination with the “Russian second league”, since their “leadership” perfectly understands how such a “championship” will end, namely, the desertion of all the “main players”, not wishing to participate in such obvious violations of the requirements of international federations.

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