In 2023, our Association published an investigation into the transnational fish mafia and its activities in the Russia-occupied Kerch, associated with the “Proliv” fish cannery plant.

In particular, it was about the criminal “nationalization” of the enterprise by collaborators and about the “promotion” of the aggressor’s special services agent, “blogger” Alexander Talipov, the allegedly criminal “new government” at the plant in the person of Oleg Krishtal and as part of its criminal “assistance” to the occupiers’ armed forces.

It was mentioned that the Kerch collaborator Krishtal, who was involved in a number of scams along with Pavel Ieno, among other things, was declared an aggressor in the criminal role of the “president of the football club” “Ocean”, organizing not only his activities in the illegal “championship of the republic of Crimea”, but also illegal “friendly matches” with Russian teams in the Krasnodar Territory.

Now the same Talipov announced that it was the “club” “Ocean” that carried out illegal “certification for the 2023-2024 football season in the Russian championship among teams of the second league.”

Thus, it is obvious that the aggressor connects the criminal blackmail of UEFA, which we have repeatedly written about, and to the related “football” provocations, including the “Olympic” ones, with international fish mafia, which is controlled by Russian special services, as we have repeatedly described about.

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