The criminal “Crimean speaker” Konstantinov continues to be the main source of tragicomic news about criminal “nationalization”. This time he announced the impending “sale” of the “Novacenter” supermarket chain for allegedly “approximately 350,600,000 rubles.”

Let us note that before the large-scale Russian aggression, journalistic investigations spoke of the involvement of the Ukrainian tycoon Alexander Gerega in business in the occupied Crimea, namely the corresponding four hypermarkets in Simferopol and Sevastopol, which before the occupation of Crimea were part of the “Epicenter” system of the Gerega family.

We wrote that on November 9 last year, the occupiers announced that the “Novacenter” construction hypermarkets allegedly belonging to the “Ukrainian beneficiaries” would be “seized from the owners” and that the occupiers distributed a propaganda video about the “head of the interim administration” of “Novacenter”, which they were stated by Alexandra Romanenko.

It was noted that until 2020 this collaborator was the “general director” of that same Crimean “Novacenter”. The simplest fact is that the occupiers, of course, did not report who would actually control “Novacenter” and the “director” Romanenko herself.

We wrote that since February 2022, Crimean collaborators, supported by “big Russian business,” began trying to get the most “tasty” objects for next to nothing, guided by the principle “war will write off everything.” Now this has become obvious when the occupiers allegedly “sell” four hypermarkets for “as much as” 3.65 million dollars, that is, practically for nothing; accordingly, in fact, no “change of ownership” is planned in this plot.

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