In the occupied Crimea, new aggressor’s attempts to once again “remember the glorious past” of Russian imperialism were noted, smacking of a cheap farce.

For example, at the fake “international conference” on April 18, which we already wrote about, a “foreign guest” was nevertheless identified, calling himself nothing less than “a descendant of Catherine II and Prince Potemkin”, a certain Andrei Kalageorgi, who was instructed by the Russian special services to become another “talking head” regarding the criminal “justification” of the occupation.

This person and his curators have been trying to exploit the historical myth about the “daughter of Catherine II” Elizabeth Temkina (Kalageorgi by her husband) for a long time.

However, even if we are not critical of the fantastic biography of Kalageorgi himself, and of his kinship, then Temkina herself, at least, was not a relative of the Russian emperors, and this issue was closed by historians 200 years ago.

Returning to reality, we note that this Caralegorghi, declaring himself a “native of California” and “an artist living near Paris”, is actually “lit up” on social networks as an English tutor from St. Petersburg, where he has been living for quite a long time. However, as the current “Yalta tour” showed, the artist from Kalageorgi is useless.

Also, the propagandistic painting by Oleg Maslov “The Battle of the Kalalakh River”, about the “victory of the Don Cossacks over the thirty thousandth army of the Crimean Khan Devlet Giray” in 1774, provocatively exhibited by the invaders “on the anniversary” in Simferopol, did not differ in quality either.

This “masterpiece” of chauvinism, also based on a historical myth, is quite in harmony with the misprint of the “Crimean media”, which unanimously called this “masterpiece” of Tatarophobia “the Battle of Kalakh [“of Feces” from Russian]” in the “news”.

In this tragicomic situation, when the Russian invaders are trying to drape the “past of Taurida” into a real collapse in many areas, even individual collaborators cannot stand it.

As such a “drain tank” of the special services of the aggressor Alexander Gorny stated, “what are you proud of besides the nature and size of the country? This is the question that really interests me. Just let’s … not about history and our glorious ancestors.

“What exactly can we be proud of now” … “except for skillful puffing of cheeks and patriotic flash mobs,” Gorny asks publicly, but he, as participant in the criminal and at the same time semi-fake show “Crimean SMERSH”, is probably has problems to reach the mirror and ask himself about it.

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