We have already examined the “plaintiffs” declared by the Crimean collaborators in the Simferopol “arbitration court” for the “water blockade”, namely, we identified the beneficiaries of the agrarian structure “Agromax”, as well as the Yalta hotel “Palmira-Palace”. It was stated that the general approach to these structures was the legal final beneficiary from the Russian Federation as of the beginning of the occupation; as you might guess, the “Oreanda” hotel complex, located in the center of Yalta, has similar specifics.

In the Ukrainian register, the owners of PJSC “Hotel Oreanda” are identified as five Cypriot companies, and in the “registers” of occupiers, the main share of the “Russian” “LLC” “Hotel Complex Oreanda” is also “divided” between five Cypriot companies: “Folkdale Trading Ltd” “, “Shelterock Investments Ltd”, “Sebistra Trading Ltd”, “Jiolinico Commercial Ltd” and “Sensarise Holdings Ltd”, the first four of which coincide with the founders of the legal “Oreanda”.

These companies are registered with fictitious Cypriot directors, “nominees”, and are managed by the law firm “AG Paphitis & Co”. At the same time, as experts have written many times, even before 2014, the “Oreanda” hotel was part, through the “Premier International” hotel chain, of the “VS Energy International” corporation, owned by Russian senator Alexander Babakov and the president of the Russian football club CSKA Evgeniy Giner.

We have investigated this business empire from the beneficiaries of the aggressor many times, primarily through its scams with “Sevastopolenergo”; now, among other things, the process of confiscation of the corporation’s assets, including “Oreanda”, is ongoing in Kyiv in administrative case 991/5746/23 in the High Anti-Corruption Court.

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