Earlier, we reported on typical occupiers’ scams with the illegal creation of an “office” of “Sberbank” in Simferopol, for which they planned to cut down part of the Treneva square in the city center.

However, now “something has gone wrong” and the criminal “head of Crimea” claims to allegedly “create a modular branch” of this aggressor’s bank in the center of the occupied city. Obviously, in the current conditions, “Sberbank” is not in the mood to invest in illegal capital construction.

However, the aggressor is implementing another financial fraud, namely the creation of illegal “payment” terminals of the criminal bank “RNKB” and the equally illegal “Post of Crimea”.

Let us recall that since the beginning of 2023, the aggressor has announced the illegal “postal service” of the occupied regions of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions precisely through the “Crimea Post”, namely fake “subscriber boxes” in the inconspicuous “Simferopol branch”.

It is obvious that the Russian occupiers are planning to carry out at least a part of illegal financial transactions, including the financing of aggression and terrorism in the occupied territory of Ukraine, both the peninsula and the mainland, precisely through the criminal “Crimea Post”, which requires additional counteraction, including at the international level.

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