On April 11, the invaders-controlled “media” published an “investigation” regarding the activities of the former criminal “governor” of Sevastopol Dmitriy Ovsyannikov, who recently sued in the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the removal of personal sanctions from him.

The essence of the collaborators’ version is that back in 2016, Ovsyannikov initiated an illegal “concession agreement” for 12 years with the Moscow “VessoLink” company, according to which this “system integrator in the field of introducing traffic control technologies” promised to install in the occupied Sevastopol, “devices for fixing traffic violations and parking meters”, for which a quarter of all illegal “fines and parking fees” went to the “concessionaires”.

As the newly minted “investigators” “suddenly found out”, “Vessolink” operates a certain Moscow “Cityparking”, the founder of which was the Cypriot “Abatal Investments Ltd”, registered in Nicosia with the director Oleg Badera. However, further this “Cypriot trace” in the “investigation” will disappear, since the “party of the concession” was the illegal “Bezopasnye Dorogy Sevastopolya” (“Safe Roads of Sevastopol”), “registered” in Sevastopol Inkerman, which regularly “mastered” the relevant funds.

Borys Babin, an expert from the ARC, researched to what extent these “revelations” are plausible and what do they really mean.

Although the structures mentioned do exist, it is worth at least adding to the “investigation” that the said “Cypriot” Badera is actually the chairman of the committee for the development of transport infrastructure of the aggressor’s “public organization” of “Delovaya Rossiya” (“Business Russia”) and is obviously not particularly burdened by his Moscow present. The “Delovaya Rossiya” network itself is a typical laying of the Russian special services for subversive work in third countries, including industrial espionage.

Among other things, this structure, allegedly “uniting non-primary Russian business”, recently held joint events with the Lukashenka-controlled regime specifically regarding countering the sanctions policy, and also illegally created a “branch” in the occupied Crimea, headed by collaborator Valery Zhatkin, who controls a number of illegal agricultural structures.

Here, the current head of “Delovaya Rossiya”, Pavel Titov, is extremely noteworthy, having previously made an unexpected appearance both in the occupied Crimea and in France. In 2009, Pavel Titov “left” the banking sector and became the financial director and treasurer of the “SVL Group”, owned by his father Boris Titov, which controlled the “Abrau-Dyurso” concern.

In 2010, “Abrau-Durso” bought the French champagne house Chateau d’Avize, and Pavel Titov, later became the head of the champagne house, joined and then headed the board of directors of “Abrau-Durso”, becoming its president since 2015. In 2018, the income of this structure amounted to 7.661 billion rubles, and a year earlier, Titov “for some reason” acquired the network of martial arts clubs “Varyag”.

But as we already wrote, in 2023, the “Abrau-Durso” winemaking holding began selling Chateau d’Avize champagne. At the same time, the Titov corporation had huge criminal plans for the occupied Crimea. In 2014, the father of the current “president of the concern”, Boris Titov, announced a kind of “road map” for the “transformation” of the occupied Crimea “into one of the world’s largest wine clusters”.

It was stated that supposedly “by 2025 the area of Crimean vineyards will grow almost three times, and the industry will form at least 15% of the region’s gross product”, which “would be comparable to the world’s largest cluster – Bordeaux”, which naturally did not happen.

The ARC has already written that at the same time, the Titov clan deliberately considered the occupied Crimea as a raw materials appendage to their Russian business empire, since the aggressor traditionally imports four-fifths of the wine materials from third countries. Naturally, the Titovs decided to “milk the federal programs”, declaring the “deliberately subsidized winemaking”.

Not having succeeded in such illegal plans, but for the same purpose in 2019, the Titov clan criminally tried to “buy” Massandra’s capacities from the Crimean collaborators, counting on the production of primary wine materials, but then it was “bypassed” by marauders from the Kovalchuk clan close to Putin.

Returning to Titov’s “colleague”, Badera, it is worth noting that he heads a network of companies in the field of transport logistics and at the same time is actively involved in finding ways to circumvent the sanctions imposed on the aggressor’s civil aviation, which he does not hesitate to periodically broadcast on “federal television”.

Among other things, Badera was previously listed as one of the founders of “Yandex.Traffic”, as well as a number of “urban” companies in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don.

However, the above-mentioned Cypriot Abatal Investments Ltd, created shortly before the occupation of Crimea, where Oleg Badera really “surfaced”, was “suddenly” liquidated in December 2022. This “covering up the tracks” really coincided with the “body movements” of Dmitriy Ovsyannikov in an attempt to “get rid of the Sevastopol past”.

However, the career of Ovsyannikov himself, who both before and after his criminal “governorship” held the post of aggressor’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the, is directly connected in terms of criminal tasks precisely with the activities of “Delovaya Rossiya”, these are precisely attempts to circumvent sanctions and promote the aggressor to foreign markets .

It is obvious that both the “French winemaker” Titov and the “Cypriot urbanist” Badera are not at all accidental people for the “disappeared from the screens” Ovsyannikov and for his commanders from Russian intelligence.

At the same time, all the current “Cypriot pathos” from the Sevastopol “investigators” is quite strained. The fact is that the fake “concession” for illegal “parking and fines” really “put on the counter” the criminal “administration” of Sevastopol for more than a billion rubles, which, at the same time, the new criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev is not at all averse to paying.

But now this “counter” is being turned by other characters, and not by the group of Ovsyannikov, who was brought out by the special services of the Russian Federation after the “scandal at the airport” and the show with “dismissal” in 2020 to the “European expanses” again with the aim of criminal work to “lift sanctions” as allegedly a “private Russian businessman”.

Now the “concessionaire”, as already mentioned, is the illegal company “Safe Roads of Sevastopol”, with the “director” Alexander Tomilin and the Moscow “founder”, the firm “IK Yugproekt”. “Yugproekt” itself is owned by GC Capital with Moscow founders, businessmen Ramazanov Rashid and Ramazanova Zeynab.

Thus, the current criminal “governor” Razvozhaev, writing off the “extra billion” in favor of the Ramazanovs, obviously not very far from him, decided to “hide behind the memory of Ovsyannikov”, for which the invaders’ propaganda raised the “Cypriot trace”.

But, obviously not wanting it themselves, these “investigators” drew attention to the activities of the aggressor’s special services to circumvent sanctions, both in the “Cypriot” and “French” directions.

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