After the Kremlin criminally “appointed the governor” of Sevastopol, a native of Krasnoyarsk, Mikhail Razvozhaev, he, as part of the “support landing”, brought Krasnoyarsk PR man Sergei Tolmachev to the occupied city, who, in the field of “praising unprecedented achievements”, soon “grew” to fake “vice-governor”.

According to our sources, it was thanks to Tolmachev’s “creative ideas” that Razvozhaev became a rather specific “star”, the information support of which constantly led to scandals even within the aggressor’s propaganda environment.

This is not surprising, because “impromptu” of Tolmachev’s PR team were used in the comedy film “Election Day”, and the “PR man” himself was known in Krasnoyarsk for his excessive consumption of cocaine, and in quite specific forms, even for “Russian bohemia” , as well as using frankly pornographic narratives for own PR “actions”.

For example, since the summer of 2022, Razvozhaev’s PR man obviously decided to “copy the Ukrainian experience”, when the mayors and governors of the front-line cities and regions of Ukraine actively report not only on civilian life, but also, within the framework of their powers, on countering the aggressor, shelling, damaging the infrastructure by the invaders, its recovery and so on.

But “in the case” of the fake “governor”, everything quickly turned into a “comedy of positions”, when Razvozhaev’s “hot news” about “drones, explosions, air defense” was quickly criticized, and not only photos and videos of events posted on social networks, but sometimes even the statements of the occupiers’ military propaganda.

At the same time, the actual author of this “reality show” Tolmachev does not “lose enthusiasm” and in the appeal of Razvozhaev published by his “subordinates” on the occasion of the “Day of national unity”, the latter began to deliberately “copy Putin and Stalin”, declaring, for example, about the “Russia’s army ” and “Russia’s people” (“русские”), in contrast to the references to “Russians” (“россияне”) traditional for the aggressor’s propaganda.

In the meantime, the Kremlin is figuring out how much the tunic of the “leader of the peoples” can even get on the “Sevastopol Putin”, it is worth bringing a “fresh and original” PR move from Tolmachev, who boasted about allegedly organizing the dropping of a “whole pack”, of 800 leaflets, from a drone over the positions of the Ukrainian military, after which the propaganda telegram channel of the aggressor indicated in the leaflet, according to the words of the “governor’s PR man”, allegedly “500 people signed up at once”.

Although, in principle, it is difficult to imagine what kind of goal the aggressor could have pursued, trying, through “Tolmachev’s leaflets”, to tell Ukrainian soldiers about “Razvozhaev’s talents”, it is even more difficult to model how and where one drone, “scattering leaflets”, allegedly could find a cluster immediately hundreds of soldiers, who allegedly immediately and “without exception” began to read the aggressor’s propaganda and for this to “subscribe” to something.

Therefore, Tolmachev’s statements about “leaflets and channels” are not just lies, but a deliberate lie, and something completely different is important in it.

The aggressor’s propaganda, by the hands of dozens of Tolmachevs, really expects to “win the information war”, using already hundreds of telegram channels with tens and hundreds of thousands of fake “subscribers” and bots that actually spread “for themselves” the same criminal statements. At the same time, every month their separation from the real “consumers of information” becomes more and more obvious.

Well, the attempts of individual “media” controlled by the relevant structures to imitate “impartiality” generally look tragicomic, because a thoughtful analyst immediately understands what sails the “wind” blows there.

At the same time, the spread of the truth about the situation in Crimea, both for the inhabitants of the occupied territory and in the global format, is naturally carried out in fact in a variety of ways.

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