As the criminal “governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev stated on June 1, the illegal “football club” “Sevastopol” allegedly “successfully completed” the illegal “licensing procedure in the football national league” and will now illegally “play in the championship of the second league of the championship” of the aggressor.

We have repeatedly reported on the preparation and conduct of this Kremlin’s provocation, in which, in addition to “Sevastopol”, a number of illegal “Crimean clubs” are also involved.

It should be noted that the “president” of the fake “Sevastopol” was declared by the invaders to be Sevastopol resident Valery Chaly, who in the first years of the Russian occupation worked as the head coach of the Kazan “Rubin”, and did not win laurels there, and who later became the criminal “head of the department for youth and sports” of the occupied Sevastopol under the fake “governor” Menyailo.

Further, Chaly was transferred by the invaders to the “leadership” of the illegal “Sevastopol”, whose “coach” since 2018 has been Stanislav Gudzivevich, who has been involved in the activities of “Sevastopol football” since 2014.

The illegal “football club” itself is not, even from the illegal “point of view” of the occupiers, the “successor” of the Ukrainian football club “Sevastopol”, the general sponsor of which for many years was the “Smart-Holding” company of the now sanctioned Vadim Novinsky.

We also must note that the criminal “Sevastopolstroyproekt” previously described by us as a pad for the theft by the clan of Mikhail Razvozhaev of “funds of the federal target program”, associated both with individual pro-Russian terrorists and with a number of current criminal “officials” of the Russian occupiers in Melitopol, was created by means of “reorganization” namely the illegal “football club” “Sevastopol”.

Thus, in addition to the response of FIFA and UEFA to these provocations, it should be recognized as reasonable to impose personal sanctions against both the fake “football club” and its “leadership”.

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