Earlier, human rights activists, Ukrainian officials, as well as international structures repeatedly pointed to the criminal deportation of young people from the Russis-occupied regions of mainland Ukraine to the occupied Crimea, as well as to the Russian Federation.

These children, among other things, were criminally used as a propaganda tool of the aggressor, they were deliberately duped in the spirit of the “Russian world”, and the parents and representatives of the children either could not receive reliable information about them, or else they could not evacuate young people from the aggressor’s control.

On February 6, the invaders’ propaganda disseminated a statement by Maria Lvova-Belova, commissioner for children’s rights under the President of Russia, who illegally arrived in the occupied Crimea and met with the criminal Sergey Aksyonov there. Lvova-Belova announced the “holding of an integration shift in Crimea”, the so-called “The Day After Tomorrow” for teenagers from the occupied regions of mainland Ukraine, as another criminal attack on Ukrainian children.

At the same time, it is directly stated that invaders will illegally work with criminally deported children as part of a certain “rehabilitation program of psychological assistance”, that is, in fact, engage in brainwashing with the illegal involvement of “specialists”, and a similar almost genocidal “format will be launched first”.

At the same time, the aggressor carried out the criminal activities “The Day After Tomorrow” with deported Ukrainian children in 2022, from open sources it follows that they were organized in October in Krasnogorsk near Moscow at a certain base “Litvinovo”; before that, a similar illegal event was held in Tuapse, and later on 2022 the occupiers announced another “shift” that “will take place in Chechnya in November and will have a military-patriotic orientation.”

As the same Lvova-Belova then stated, the “The Day After Tomorrow” events of 2022 were used by the aggressor as a criminal “platform for working out and forming methodological materials and programs,” and now the invaders will obviously begin to implement them.

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