At the end of March, the occupiers’ propaganda is forced to admit that “due to logistical difficulties, the situation with the flow of tourists is tense”, which was stated by the criminal Sergey Aksyonov, “reassuringly promising” that allegedly “Crimea will receive two billion rubles to support the tourism industry.”

And the point here is not even that two billion, even if they pass, by some miracle, past the pockets of the criminal “leaders” of the occupied peninsula, will not make the “weather” on the Russia-occupied region.

Further, the same Aksyonov, at a meeting with the deputy chairman of the aggressor’s State Duma Anna Kuznetsova, stated that the collaborators plan to use the “resort potential of Crimea” “for the rehabilitation of military personnel, recreation and rehabilitation of children”.

In fact, we are talking about the collaborators’ plans to “replace tourists” with such an “inevitable” category as the aggressor’s cannon fodder “in rehabilitation”, as well as to continue using the “resort potential” for the criminal deportation of Ukrainian children.

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