On February 7, the Security Service of Ukraine announced suspicion of financing actions with a criminal intent to forcibly overthrow the constitutional order and change the territory of Ukraine, about which the SSU informed Oksana Marchenko, the wife of the notorious collaborator and leader of the “Russian world” Viktor Medvedchuk.

Law enforcers indicate that Marchenko was the ultimate beneficiary of a network of Kyiv companies and an “enterprise” in Yalta that transferred significant amounts to fake “accounts” of the aggressor’s illegal “Russian guard” and “Ministry of internal affairs” for “protecting Crimean real estate” of Medvedchuk. Three Kyiv “investment companies” and a fake “Crimean company” with an “authorized capital” of more than a billion rubles were involved in the scheme.

Earlier, the media reported that two fake “limited liability companies” were declared against Oksana Marchenko in the illegal occupiers’ “registries”, these are “Tavria-Invest” and “Ukrsnab Firm”. The fake “Tavria-Invest” was “registered” by the occupiers in the Yalta Gaspra settlement, with “founders” in the form of Inna Paliy and the Kyiv “Sport Tour Investment Company”, whose beneficiary is same Marchenko.

Let us recall that Oksana Marchenko left Ukraine in February 2022 on the eve of the Russia’s large-scale invasion and then tried to engage in “information activities” in support of her husband, who, after his exchange, was seen in occupied Yalta in November 2022. Since January 2023, the Kremlin has tried to “activate” Medvedchuk himself for propaganda purposes, but this epic with the “downed pilot” caused sarcasm from literally all observers, including Crimean collaborators.

The fact is that Medvedchuk, among other things, intended to act as a “mediator” in the processes of criminal “nationalization” of the Crimean property of “Ukrainian owners”, but in this field of “big jackpot” he “for some reason” had many “toothy” competitors from “less toxic” Kremlin’s criminal servants.

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