On February 20, the criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov decided to “remember the past” and once again told fantastic stories about the ten years ago issues: an “attack” on “a column of buses with Crimeans returning from Kiev after a rally in support of the constitutional order” in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi district, Cherkasy region.

The under-treated womanizer from “Consol” decided to “amaze” readers with such “revelations” as the horror story “Crimean residents were forced to eat broken bus windows” and “several people were shot at point-blank range”. This much-debunked “very true story,” however, has one “small problem”: the Russian special services never organized any “corpses of Crimeans” or simply missing Crimean participants in the “anti-Maidan” in Kiev, both then and now.

But the “Cherkassy story” itself, told by Konstantinov, was brought out of the closet by his speechwriters for a reason: in occupied Crimea, the image of the “main father of the Crimean spring” is urgently and diligently “sculpted” from the developer-swindler, as a “wrapper” for his subsequent “Kremlin rise”. In the “officialdom” of the occupiers “close to the speaker” on this matter, the corpses and “eaten glass” disappear somewhere, but in return it is “reminded” that allegedly at this time Konstantinov was in Moscow “at meetings” with the Kremlin bosses, allegedly “persuading” them to begin the occupation.

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