It has been repeatedly written that in the occupied peninsula the militarization of youth and children by the invaders is becoming total, and at the same time it is taking on more and more grotesque forms.

In particular, this is also manifested in the forced “collection of aid” organized by fake “social activists” for the aggressor’s soldiers, which takes place not only in aggressor-controlled schools, but also in kindergartens.

In this regard, a “small entrepreneur” from the Ukromne village, Simferopol District, Natalya Shlyakhova, was especially noted, organizing an illegal “business” in the manufacture, allegedly by “children”, of clumsy plywood crafts with modern Nazi symbols burned on them, and transferring them “to the front”.

On February 4, on this occasion, Shlyakhova stated on the aggressor-controlled propaganda resource “Crimea 24” that her “medallions” were supposedly extremely important for the invaders’ army, because, according to “reports from the front”, “there was a tragic story, they broke the disposition of the guys.” But, Shlyakhova said, only “those who had medallions survived.”

In this farce, not only the enchanting form of Shlyakhova’s advertising of her “crafts is noteworthy, but also the attention paid to this statement by the occupiers’ propaganda.

Obviously, this approach about “saving gifts” will be maximally promoted by the aggressor-controlled “Crimean media”, since the aggressor naturally cannot give other “guarantees” to survive for its cannon fodder.

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