In February 2023, the Russian invaders and collaborators from the criminal “government” of Sevastopol announced that they had written off the “first tranche” of 15 million rubles “to compensate for the accommodation and food of the migrants”. At the same time, “funds were allocated” from the “reserve fund of the city government”, since “federal money” for these needs was predictably “not available”.

However, such a “quivering concern for the migrants” is explained quite prosaically – the addressee of the “compensation” was exclusively illegal structures directly subordinate to the same “criminal government”, namely the fake “state unitary enterprise” “Pansionaty Sevastopola” (“Sevastopol Pensions”) and also the illegal company “Lazur – C”, the “founder” of which is the same “SUE”.

The meaning of this “test of the pen” is to “pump funds” for fictitious “accommodated refugees”, which, of course, nobody located in the “Pensions” massively. These funds were expected by the authors of the scam in a much larger volume and from the “federal budget”, but, as it is known, “the chicken pecks grain by grain”.

Let us recall that a year ago, a couple of days before the start of aggressor’s large-scale invasion, we wrote about the preparation of appropriate scams to accommodate “migrants from the conflict zone” with the participation of the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev and collaborator, developer-scammer Pavlo Lebedev.

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