The number of forms of criminal militarization that the occupiers simultaneously try to impose on the same youth is no longer comparable even with the Soviet or Nazi experience in this area.

These are the “yunarmiya”, and “cadet classes”, and the recent project of the “movement of the first”, and “DOSAAF”, “lessons”, “visits of veterans”, “commemorative events” and so on aimed at propaganda purposes. However, this criminal “cycle” does not always lead to the desired criminal consequences for the aggressor.

Since the summer of 2022, the Crimean collaborators have been actively involved by the Russian invaders in the propaganda of the criminal “youth movement” of the aggressor, the “Yunarmiya” in relation to the occupied territory of the Kherson region.

And, as the occupiers’ criminal “Chairman of the state committee for youth policy” Oleksiy Zinchenko is now forced to admit, “it’s more difficult with the Kherson region.” However, he stated that the Crimean collaborators are criminally “working out the issue of opening the first detachments of the “Yunarmia” there, aiming at the Kalanchak.

Zinchenko, as a native of the “nursery of collaborators” in the form of the illegal “Crimean youth team of United Russia” of the criminal Vladimir Konstantinov, on this occasion as a “young” but already completely accustomed to the aggressor’s “newspeak” “apparat servant”, criminally promised to “help his colleagues as much as possible, as methodologically, as well as through its unbearable help, including the direction of specialists to build work with youth”.

However, time will tell how much Zinchenko will have time to imitate this “unbearable help” before the inevitable de-occupation of these territories of Ukraine.

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