After the occupation “authorities” “suddenly” began reporting air raid warnings over the past two days, the question of shelters arose “with new urgency” in Sevastopol; Previously, we wrote many times that the occupiers had been imitating the process of “clearing basements” for a long time and painfully since last summer.

And after yesterday the criminal “governor” Razvozhaev wrote on social networks that “if you don’t know the location of the nearest shelter”: “take shelter in a room with load-bearing walls, sitting on the floor near the load-bearing wall at a considerable distance from the window”, in the end even some propagandists, in an obvious fit of panic, began to state a “small problem.”

Among other things, one could read the following from them: “stop lying about “prepared shelters.” After all, the truth still comes out. Not a single basement in the house is prepared. People post videos about the terrible state of the basements” and that “the shelters under Malakhov Kurgan, where there are several connecting entrances and exits, have not been cleared and are not accessible”.

However, these “cries of despair” decided to make Evgeny Gorlov, the criminal “deputy” of Razvozhaev and “director of the municipal services department”, the “extreme”, obviously realizing that criticizing “superior” persons is more dangerous than any “clap”.

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