As the next published quarterly report of the German concern “Siemens” stated, it sold the entire financial and leasing business in the aggressor-controlled territory.

Let us recall that the gradual break in the long-term cooperation of the Siemens concern with the aggressor, in particular after the revealed facts of illegal deliveries of the concern’s unique equipment to the occupied Crimea, became a painful but not critical step for the company.

We pointed out that such a situation in the Crimean dimension would be reflected primarily in the energy sector, and for Russia proper, the outcome of the concern would have catastrophic economic consequences, not comparable to the temporary losses incurred by Siemens.

Since June 2022, Russian intelligence-led propaganda has been taking revenge on the “Siemens” concern.

In particular, it was the concern that they tried to “make guilty” of reducing Russian gas supplies to Germany when there was a “reduction in capacity” of the Russian infamous Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

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