On December 11, the occupiers-controlled “media” quoted the statement of the fake “department of transport and development of road infrastructure” about the alleged “successful circumvention of sanctions” for the “repair” of passenger boats and ferries of the occupied Sevastopol. The mentioned criminal “department” of the infamous Pavel Ieno earlier, since 2018, promised the townspeople some “new boats”, but now admitted that “deliveries are delayed”.

However, in the current “calming news”, that the invaders allegedly “managed to buy a German repair kit for the propeller shaft seal for the ferry, original spare parts for Scania diesel generators, as well as all sets of new main engines”, there are a number of “pitfalls” which were immediately pointed out by residents of the city in social networks. And it’s not just that the alleged illegal deliveries of German and Swedish equipment to the Ukrainian ferry “Admiral Lazarev” built in Norway in 1981 and stolen in 2014 are unlikely to “prolong the life” of this fleet veteran.

The fact is that five Project 1438 passenger boats, stolen in 2014 by the invaders, for which now the invaders allegedly illegally “purchased engines”, namely “Molodyozhnyy”, “Nord”, “Persey”, “Pluton”, and “Grigoriy Ovchinniko”, were built in Ukraine in 1980-1983, namely at the Illichivsk shipyard of modern Chornomorsk.

As readers point out, the current analogues of old boat engines allegedly purchased in China, although formally “correspond to the parameters of the former ones, but do not correspond to their sizes, and these are already constructive changes in the hull”, and therefore such “innovations” have become “a gross violation of the guidelines for ships under repair”, which should carry thousands of people daily through the deep-water bays of the occupied city. However, the safety of the Sevastopol residents is obviously the last thing that worries the criminal “officials” who have made good money on the “Chinese supply”.

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