According to the aggressor’s propaganda, as part of the further criminal militarization of the Crimean “school education”, Russian invaders are launching in Crimea “extracurricular courses on the basics of military training for students in grades 5-9” and “similar modules are provided for senior grades as part of lessons on the basics of life safety”.

Let us recall that earlier the aggressor stated that from September 1, both in Russia and in the occupied Crimea, “pupils in grades 10-11 will be required to undergo elementary military training at school, which will complement the lessons on the basics of life safety”.

It was stated that “students will learn drill and military salute, weapons, including the Kalashnikov assault rifle, F-1 and RGD-5 grenades, as well as actions in modern shooting combat and personal protective equipment”. Now it is obvious that the aggressor will criminally attract almost all students in Crimea for these events, and not just the “higher grades”.

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