Earlier we already wrote about the tragicomic attempts of “information support” of the criminal “governor” Mikhail Razvozhaev, organized by his fake “deputy”, and also PR man Sergei Tolmachev. Now Razvozhaev’s “media servant” has a chance to get “under the Christmas tree” promotion from the criminal boss, as he “finally” grew up in the fake “media rating” conducted by the Kremlin.
As it was expected, the stories about the “search for dolphins” and “mysterious explosions”, despite their deliberate absurdity, “give views to Razvozhaev, more than his usual criminal “bureaucratic activity”.

However, it is now obvious that for some reason Razvozhaev’s “Kremlin ratings” are not enough. Otherwise, it is not clear why his henchmen are now spreading the statements of a certain Olga Moskalenko, a fake “associate professor at the Sevastopol state university” that Razvozhaev is allegedly “very popular in the British media”, allegedly “due to constant publicity, successful PR decisions and his reaction”.

At the same time, for some reason, attention is especially focused on the fact that Razvozhaev is mentioned in the UK media more often than “Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.” On this point, it is worth adding that Hitler was at one time one of the most frequently mentioned foreigners in English newspapers, but this did not help him much.

Also, within the framework of Razvozhaev’s “stormy PR”, it is worth evaluating the statements of Oleg Makhonin, a collaborator close to Sergei Menyailo, about the creation of a criminal “Sevastopol self-defense”. The upcoming “selfie tours” against the background of the mummers “army” may indeed be given to the “governor”, but the income from racketeering and banditry of the criminal “self-defenders” will flow into completely different hands.

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