As even the occupiers-controlled “media” admit, the “Crimean real estate market”, that has collapsed since the beginning of large-scale Russian aggression is not going to “recover”. The current “discussion” was generated by the occupiers’ statements about the “extension of preferential mortgages”, because of the “risks of their canceling” allegedly “sank the market”. In fact, the Crimean collapse is directly related to the lack of criminal demand among the aggressor state’s inhabitants for apartments in the Russia-occupied Crimea.

As Ilya Pichuev, a “real estate appraiser” from Sevastopol, admitted, “external demand has gone, and for the most part it dictated both pricing and sales volumes”; on social media, Pichuev adds that “prolonging preferential mortgages” will only prevent “further falling prices” from becoming “rapid”.

Interestingly, according to another “real estate consultant” Ekaterina Gress, “sales dived down” in March 2022, when at least the collapse of the ambitious plans of the aggressor in Ukraine became clear. The “real estate sales rate” in the occupied peninsula fell by more than half from January to June 2022, and by more than 70% compared to 2021, these “appraisers” admit.

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