On December 11, the largest and most authoritative American newspaper ‘The Washington Post’ published a detailed article by Francesca Ebel, which describes Ukraine’s approaches to the de-occupation of Crimea, as well as the prospects for a “Russia-Ukraine peace deal”. The author points out that “it is hard to imagine the fight over the peninsula will be resolved without further bloodshed”.

It is noted that after Ukraine’s liberation of Kherson, “Russian officials have stepped up their [Crimean] rhetoric”. The article describes in detail the activities of the Representative of the President of Ukraine in the AR of Crimea, Tamila Tasheva, and states that Ukraine is developing detailed plans for the reintegration of Crimea, “including the expulsion of thousands of Russian citizens who moved there after 2014.”

The author acknowledges that “war that began in Crimea must end with Crimea”, but at the same time, many of the theses of the publication can become the basis for manipulations, especially those taken out of context. Of particular note is that the young journalist Ms. Ebel has been assigned to ‘The Washington Post’ to cover the activities of the aggressor state since October of this year and that prior to that she spent four years in Moscow, although she also wrote about events in Ukraine. A number of Ms. Ebel’s publications regarding events in Ukraine were later removed from news sites for unknown reasons.

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