On June 7, the aggressor’s key propaganda resources decided to talk about a certain “Crimean pagans’ alliance,” using the word “adepts,” so beloved in narrow circles.
We are talking about a freshly passed “sentence for terrorism” by the Rostov Southern district military court against two unnamed Crimeans born in 1990 and 1994.
The Kremlin “media” states that allegedly “those convicted in 2022 wanted to commit a terrorist attack on the territory of the religious organization “Orthodox parish of the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God “Guide” in the Simferopol village of Aeroflotske.
The “investigation” was carried out by the criminal “Crimean FSB department”, which stated that allegedly “one of the detainees furiously convinced his entourage that Christianity needed to be exterminated and several acts of a terrorist nature should be carried out, and if after that there was no reaction, then the “Crimean pagans’ alliance” “, to which he considers himself, will continue his criminal activities until all Christians die out or accept paganism.”
The fact that the aggressor’s punishers describe certain “plans” for the “acceptance of paganism” by billions of people, after two Simferopol residents explode a bag of alumine powder and saltpeter, is not surprising; this is probably not the most “creative” thing from the “Crimean security officers.”
Something else is interesting here, since this obvious provocation was carried out by the occupiers, including in the media, on February 23, 2022, on the eve of the start of large-scale aggression.
And then in the “press reports” it was not about the “extinction of Christians”, but about the fact that six “participants of the radical movement “Crimean pagans’ alliance” wanted to blow up the temple,” which, by the way, had never been recorded anywhere before, and that everything they “are supporters of the Right Sector.”
Moreover, the “Crimean FSB” then demonstrated as “incriminating evidence” certain “I love Ukraine” stickers, a black and red flag and a helmet from the Second World War. Obviously, it was precisely in a helmet and covered with stickers that the “pagans” were supposed to carry the saltpeter to the temple.
The fact that four full-time provocateurs of Russian punitive forces were lost before the “verdict” is not surprising; something else is noteworthy here. In the current stories from amateur “adepts” among “professional professionals,” the “Ukrainian trace” is clearly excluded; probably in the current bleak conditions for the Kremlin, preparing before the big war, and obviously for spreading over the silent and occupied Ukraine, the fake about “pagans from the right sector” in a “helmet and with saltpeter” turned out to be “out of business” due to its outright tragicomic nature.
It is also possible that this “saltpeter pass” included response statements from the Kyiv metropolitans of the Moscow Patriarchate about the “dominance of the pagan Banderaites,” which was relevant for the aggressor in March 2022, but has now been “written off to the archives.”

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