Earlier, we have repeatedly reported on the criminal statements of Crimean collaborators regarding certain “damage claims” against Ukraine, and the “testimonies” of the main producer of this “information noise”, the infamous Vladimir Konstantinov, were constantly changing.

In particular, in the spring, he stated that until the end of large-scale aggression, this “question” was allegedly “not timely”.

However, as the occupiers-controlled “media” reported on July 3, “a lawsuit was filed against Ukraine” in the occupiers’ illegal “arbitration court”, allegedly “for more than 152.2 billion rubles of damage due to the water blockade of the peninsula”.

At the same time, the same Konstantinov directly admits that with this fake procedure, the aggressor wants to reduce the amount of payments at the end of hostilities through some kind of “set-off”.

Experts have repeatedly dismantled the fakeness of the “claims” themselves from the gang of Konstantinov on the so-called “water blockade” and the fact that they will be “considered” by an illegal “court”, of course, will not strengthen their “justification”.

However, the main thing in this story is Konstantinov’s admission through gritted teeth that the aggressor will be forced to pay for the damage caused to Ukraine and, naturally, huge and entirely real amounts here will not be comparable with the current “losses” declared by the collaborators.

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