In addition to the tragicomic story we have already described of the occupiers imposing on tens of thousands of Sevastopol residents a “paid service” of wired radio, which was supposed to report alarms, in the long-suffering city the population is discussing another scam, much more comical.
We are talking about the “voluntary-compulsory” installation of intercoms in apartment buildings from the alleged “company” “Alliance”, located on Rudneva Street. At the same time, they install intercoms supposedly “completely free of charge,” but then they demand a “special subscription fee” and allegedly “sell keys for 400 rubles, which stop working after a few months.”
Naturally, the main “generators of public indignation” were local “businessmen” driven by “Alliance” group to the “dump of communal history”.
Therefore, this epic “dispute about the Sevastopol keys,” against the backdrop of the general hysteria of the residents of the occupied city, reached such a level on social networks that, as one of the commentators wrote, “the writers here do not provide certificates from the phsycho dispensary. But in vain. Maybe it will open the moderator’s eyes. Although it’s unlikely. Hype is a great thing.”
However, there is an interesting “double bottom” in this operetta story, since in fact no “Kurgan company” “Alliance” simply exists, even in the occupiers’ “registers”.
All the described hectic activity with intercoms is recorded in the name of a certain individual entrepreneur Alexey Kotov from Kurgan, who is a classic “know-name”.
Naturally, the criminal “authorities” there could only “let” the non-existent “Kotov company” into Sevastopol on very “compelling grounds”, and in this regard it is noteworthy that in 2021, a resident of the “seaside” Kurgan Kotov suddenly became concerned about registering a new form of his work , namely “activities of maritime passenger transport”.
Let us recall that “as it suddenly turned out”, in Sevastopol, the local passenger boats and ferries operate under the occupiers through a similar “layer” in the form of “individual entrepreneur” Andrei Pechkin, through whom multimillion “ticket money” passes. After our publication about this scam by “friends of Governor Razvozhaev,” the local “media” suddenly began to talk about “installing boarding turnstiles” on boats.
If “innovations with keys” from Kotov’s puppeteers emerge there, then such an “Alliance” will not surprise anyone.

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