The occupiers’ “Crimean” propaganda , quite expectedly, tries to praise the “investment achievements” of the “St. Petersburg International Economic Forum,” where they traditionally talk about “billion-dollar injections” into the peninsula.
For example, a year ago it was stated that “the result of the work of the Crimean delegation at SPIEF was the signing of agreements and memorandums totaling 209 billion rubles.”
However, now they prefer not to remember this – both regarding the fate of this amount, and in comparison with the current “thinner portfolios of investors.” At the new forum, the fake “minister” Irina Kiviko signed further papers with developers, called by the Crimeans nothing more than “super-investor, fly-by-night company”, and the long-suffering Koktebel, and Yalta parks.
And if the “fat jackpot” in the parks went to the structures of the Crimean collaborator and “honorary prisoner” Evgeniy Kabanov, then the former “chief architect of Simferopol” from the “authoritative dynasty” Oleg Korobchuk and the Crimean collaborator Andrei Vasyuta, the former fake “minister of industry politics”, intend to turn Koktebel into a trash, with the Vasyuta’s “Krymskoye karyeroupravleniye” (“Crimean Quarry Management”) structure, which has been destroying Mount Agarmysh near Stary Krym for the last decade.

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