The beginning of June was marked in occupied Sevastopol by another “storm in a teacup” associated with the notorious Yevgeny Gorlov, “acting vice-governor.”
Let us recall that Gorlov, the former deputy mayor of Sochi, ended up in Sevastopol as a protégé of the clan competing with the bosses of Mikhail Razvozhaev and was “transferred” from Russia in order to “wait out” a number of corruption scandals.
We wrote that in November last year Razvozhaev tried to eliminate Gorlov and his protégé as much as possible from the corresponding “feeding grounds” in the sphere of “budget”, “tariffs” and “real estate”, but the “Sochi guest” turned out to have the most serious Moscow patrons.
Now a “damaging article” has been written about Gorlov, which coincided with the removal of Andrei Turchak from the helm of “United Russia” in the Kremlin and his hasty transfer by the governor to Altai.
In the article, in addition to fairly well-known things, such as Gorlov’s connections with the Crimean swindler Illarion Gapitsonov, or his scams with the companies “MirTek”, “Aves-Stroy”, “Parks and Squares” and so on, as well as statements that “kickback on contracts” for Gorlov is “ten percent”, as “main insides”, it was indicated that allegedly the “vice-governor” is a “nightclub lover”, where he is “in the company of people who regularly use narcotic substances” and that he “loves to fight.”
It was also stated that in Sevastopol Gorlov “was detained for driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, however, given his high status,” “he was registered as a person … in a state of intoxication,” and also that “during meetings Gorlov behaves inappropriately” with “regular use of nasal medications.”
Since this exposure of a “high-ranking drug addict” began to be promoted on a number of propaganda resources from “United Russia”, their competitors resorted to the opinion that “United Russia organized an order for our Zhenka” and that “he worked for them, and the party is drowning him.” And since this “moronic text was spread” to the occupied mainland, Gorlov’s Sevastopol friends allegedly revealed “thus the channels over which the devils from the party have influence.”
However, this “clownery,” in addition to “high political matters,” also has a rather prosaic, “material” explanation. The “exposure,” among other things, contains “insight” that Gorlov brought into the “position” of the illegal “Main Directorate of State Housing Supervision” a “person close to him,” Ilya Poltavsky. However, this “insight” is already a year old, but now it is being actively disseminated by “Sevastopol activist” Artur Taranov.
And by an “interesting coincidence,” Taranov’s father Igor Valis was previously a “deputy of the legislative assembly” and “headed” an illegal “management company” (“Upravlyayushchaya kompaniya”) in Sevastopol, which was later “taken into possession” by the same Poltavsky, just after Valis became a “goat” absolution” and was “detained for a bribe on an especially large scale, allegedly 4.7 million rubles and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo car.”
Obviously, it was Valis’s “holy family” that now became a weapon of “cold revenge” for Gorlov, served by his competitors at a time when his Moscow patrons became busy with their own problems; in any case, this epic will clearly lead to additional tragicomic consequences.

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