Earlier, we repeatedly wrote about the “spider bank”, in the form of two criminal structures “Sevastopolgaz” in the occupied Sevastopol: a “public joint-stock company” connected both with Firtash’s people and with the criminal “administration”, and illegal “state unitary enterprise”, created by the same “administration”.

Now one of the “practical goals” of the recent “exchange of courtesies” between “PJSC” and “SUE” becomes clear, including with the involvement of both sides by the “inexpensive” aggressor’s propaganda.

Recently, the aggressor’s government adopted a decree on the so-called “additional funds for the implementation of the social gasification program”, of which 45.6 million are going to be “laundered” in the occupied Sevastopol for allegedly “re-gasification of certain privileged categories of citizens”.

Among other things, they will “launder” for “gasification of combat veterans”, which gives the broadest opportunities for “dead souls” among the “shooting back” military aggressors. Since the “collection of applications” from those “in need” will be carried out allegedly “on the basis of submitted” applications, and given that these “veterans” are extremely reluctant to publicize their criminal “military deeds”, the scope for “dead souls” opens up as much as possible.

At the same time, the Russian occupiers indicated the aforementioned fake “SUE” as “responsible” for “cutting the funds”, specifically indicating that “changing the contractor” or getting “money in hand” from the criminal “veterans” naturally would not work.

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