Starting on June 3, the aggressor’s key “talking heads,” including Maria Zakharova and Dmitry Peskov, staged a systemic public hysteria based on the statements of the Russian propaganda agent Scott Ritter from U.S.
This former American intelligence officer with a “Crimean trail”, previously convicted in the United States for pedophilia, said that he was allegedly “removed from a flight from New York when he was planning to fly to Russia to participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum” and “his passport was taken away”, but no one detained Ritter himself.
Ritter blamed the US State Department for the situation, with which he promised to “sue.”
Considering that, according to reports in the “Russian press”, on the eve of the “forum” escorts from all over Russia came to St. Petersburg, and the “metropolitan” ones complain about dumping on the part of minor provincial girls, you can roughly understandon which Ritter will base “moral damage” in a lawsuit against the US authorities.
Let us recall, that Scott Ritter illegally came to occupied Crimea several times, serving the interests of Russian propaganda and intelligence services; among other things, in May 2023 he was taken by Russian intelligence to the illegal “Sevastopol State University”, and in January 2024 he was given a PR session with Sergei Aksyonov.
As we wrote, in this situation the biography of Ritter’s daughter, Patricia Ritter, who was also seen with her father in Grozny, is interesting. Patricia is now “continuing her education” at the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies (CERES) at Georgetown University in Washington.
In CERES from the Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, Patricia allegedly “hopes to delve deeper into Soviet and post-Soviet minority rights and nation-building in the South Caucasus.” Patricia not only published several photographs from the aggressor-controlled territory on her Instagram, but also she wrote several posts in support of “Hamas”.
In January, our Association sent reports, prepared by Professor Borys Babin, about the subversive activities of Ritter and his daughter, both to the place of her “training” and to the American authorities, and our tweets in “X” on this issue covere tens thousands in U.S. Obviously, the current absence of a weekend with Russian underage escorts is not the last problem for pedophile Ritter this year.

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