A remarkable hysteria, with the mention of “Neptune” began on April 13 in the invaders controlled “Sevastopol media”. And this is not about the Ukrainian missile system that destroyed the well-known cruiser “Moskva” a year ago, which President Zelensky emphasized in his speech.

Now the invaders are “washing the bones” of the central design bureau “Neptune” from St. Petersburg, owned by the aggressor concern “Oboronnye Tekhnologii” (“Defense Technologies”), from which illegal “arbitrations” are trying to “recover a penalty” for 200 million rubles for an unfulfilled “contract for the construction of 5 boats” for the criminal “administration” of Sevastopol.

We previously wrote about the occupiers’ attempt to promote the “repair” of existing passenger boats, without which the occupied city, divided by bays, is plunging into an almost daily transport collapse.

Then the occupiers declared that they had allegedly “successfully circumvented the sanctions”, but by the way that “repair” is still in an endless “process”, and now it turns out that there will be no “new boats”, for an equally prosaic reason: the aggressor’s industry is simply not able to build a rather primitive thing, as a boat for local passenger transportation, without Western technologies and European equipment.

Even the occupiers’ propaganda is forced to admit that the issue of “new boats” “becomes an increasingly distant (if at all real) prospect”. In fact, it is obvious that the Ukrainian authorities will solve the problem of the transport collapse of Sevastopol in the conditions of reintegration.

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