On December 1, in the occupied Sevastopol, the Russian invaders decided to hold a “discussion of the implementation of national projects” in the criminal “legislative assembly” “for an indicator”, which ended quite predictably. The fake “officials” about a certain “bright future” could not stand the stormy and long stories of the “mastered the funds of the projects”, even the “extras” driven to the “discussion”, the representative of which asked if they would finally give water to the villages of Honcharne and Reserve.

However, the “executors of the projects”, not embarrassed for a moment, said that this question “is not for them”, since “the requirement of the national project is to improve the quality of water, and not to lay a new network.” To “improve the quality”, all the “necessary activities” such as “trainings, meetings” and “information programs” have already been carried out, and if the water supply itself is destroyed and needs to be replaced, this is “completely different”, added the occupiers’ criminal “director of the urban economy department” Yevgeny Gorlov.

In a similar mode, the “report on the development of funds” on the fake “development of industry” passed, with a story about the “exemplary enterprise” “Azzurro Trade”, where after the “grant development” a certain “productivity index” allegedly “increased by 27%” .

We will not quote logical next questions from the “extras”, completely ignored by the “discussion organizers” about the current collapse of the Sevastopol industry. Let’s just add that the mentioned “enterprise” with its two dozen “employees” before the start of large-scale aggression was engaged in the repair and supply of equipment for yachts and ships, mainly through “gray schemes” to circumvent sanctions. Therefore, already in the spring of 2022, after the tightening of the sanctions policy, it actually turned out to be on the verge of collapse.

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