At the end of March, the aggressor decided to promote himself on the so-called “new embankment in Koktebel”, about the “reconstruction” scams of which we have repeatedly written. Among other things, the criminal “head of government” Yuri Gotsanyuk once again held a selfie tour “at the ruins of Koktebel”, promising new “sewage treatment facilities”, “wave walls and ramps” and the like.
The level of this “joyful PR” became so intense that local “bloggers” controlled by the aggressor began to hastily refute it, “fearing for the gullible tourist”. As Alexander Gorny, an occupiers’ accomplice, wrote, “I come across a lot of custom posts about the reconstruction of the Koktebel embankment, that it is supposedly in full swing, and advertisements for Koktebel accommodation facilities have appeared calling for reservations for the summer and May holidays.”
At the same time, Gorny states that “the reconstruction has not really begun yet” and that “now only the sewer and storm drains are being laid…. some objects are gradually being demolished, but this is only preparatory work,” and “almost a year has passed” and that “apparently the reconstruction will last for more than one year… but there is a lot of custom-made materials about the wonders of reconstruction, they do not spare money on this, since it is cheaper and easier than carrying out reconstruction”, and “the local king is simply knocking his heel on his chest with joy that they brought five crushed cars and threw asphalt on a small path”.

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