Earlier, our Association repeatedly covered the problems of children criminally deported by Russian invaders in 2022 from the Kherson Region to the occupied Crimea, as well as to the Russian Federation. In particular, it was about the unlawfully “evacuated” children of the Kherson region, up to two thousand people, placed in the Evpatoria sanatoriums, seized by the Russian invaders.

On January 15, it was reported that from the end of December 2022, these “evacuated” children of the aggressor’s structure were suddenly and massively taken out of the occupied Yevpatoria, with indications that the Russia’s Moscow Oblast was also called the aggressor as a place of possible illegal movement of these children.

Further, on January 19, the structures of the aggressor stated in their fake “denials” that allegedly 128 children “remain” in occupied Yevpatoria, but at the same time, even in their criminal propaganda, these invaders’ puppets did not say anything about the fate of the rest of the children, previously deported to Yevpatoria generally.

After that, on January 26, the allegedly “oppositional” Russian publication “Verstka” (“Nimage”) published an “editorial article” stating that at least 14 orphans from Kherson were taken in 2022 by Russian invaders to the Simferopol occupiers-controlled “orphanage” “Yolochka”.

The “Verstka” article provides various photographic materials regarding this deportation, states its illegality, as well as its correlation with evidence of the genocide of Ukrainians by the aggressor. It is characteristic that the authors of the article stated that “the specific location of the children was found out from the photographs that were published on the website “Adoption in the Moscow Oblast””.

The “Verstka” article stated that “The Ministry of Social Development of the region [of the Moscow Oblast] summed up the results of the “Become Santa Claus” campaign for orphans from the occupied territories and published more than 700 pictures of children”.

The “Verstka” edition itself was founded by Lola Tagaeva, who left for Prague from Russia, served the interests of the Kremlin until 2011, and later worked on the “Dozhd”” TV channel, therefore, in general, the information disseminated by him, of course, should be treated critically. It is obvious that the statements of the “Verstka” article about deported children need at least verification and verification by unbiased experts.

But it is worth noting that the very conduct of the “Become Santa Claus” propaganda campaign by the authorities of the Moscow Oblast in December 2022 is reflected in the mass of the aggressor’s “media”, in the statements of Oblast’s Vice Governor Irina Kaklyugina, as well as the fact of illegal involvement by these authorities within the framework of this action children from the Kherson Region.

Also on the Internet there is a site “Adoption in the Moscow Oblast” associated with the specified region.

Therefore, it is objectively necessary to at least further study the likelihood of illegal transfer of deported children from the Kherson Кegion to the Russia’s Moscow Oblast, including those who stayed in the occupied Crimea in 2022, as well as to establish the forms of involvement of the authorities of the aggressor’s Oblast in these possible acts and in the possible current whereabouts of the children.

It should be noted that the PACE resolution, adopted on January 26, directly prescribes that maximum attention be given to the issues of protecting the rights and actions to return Ukrainian children deported by the aggressor.

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