Aggressor-controlled “Crimean media” are spreading statements about the “Chinese achievements” of the so-called “employee of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden” Elena Golosova, allegedly “head of the laboratory of landscape architecture and ethnobotanical research,” including some reports at conferences at Xi’an University and at Harbin University of Architecture and Technology.

We have previously written repeatedly about the aggressor’s use of the power of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, which he seized, to promote the Kremlin’s criminal narratives in third countries, for example, in Syria, but in this situation it is not worth mentioning this, nor even the “ethnobotany” invented by the Russian Nazis, as an obvious prologue to ” ethnophysics” and “ethnomathematics”, which would be the envy of Hitler’s “spiritual fathers” of the current Kremlin regime.

Separately, it is worth pointing out that before the start of Russian aggression, Elena Golosova had nothing to do with the Crimea, and worked at the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences and at the Moscow State Forestry University, first “checking in” on the occupied peninsula in 2018. At the same time, for a long time before the “Crimean” stage of her biography, Golosova was an active “international scientist” with the obvious involvement of Russian special services in her activities; thus, Golosova’s current “Chinese tour” is by no means surprising.

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