As the governor of the aggressor Kamchatka Territory, Vladimir Solodov, was forced to state the other day, “the delivery date of the ferry, which is supposed to connect the Far Eastern ports, including Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, is being postponed” allegedly “due to the sanctions imposed”. At the same time, we recall that this “car cargo-passenger ferry of the CNF project” 22 “Petropavlovsk” was illegally laid down by the occupiers at the “Shipbuilding Plant named after. B.E. Butomy” of occupied Kerch in 2020.

On this project, the aggressor planned to launder 3.8 billion rubles and the length of the vessel was planned to be 119 meters, and the width was 17.5 meters; the ship was planned to “carry about 150 passengers, as well as cargo containers, cars and buses,” and its “crew and maintenance personnel” were stated to be 48 people. At the same time, “Petropavlovsk” was intended for navigation “in the Sea of Japan, Okhotsk and Bering Seas, including the islands of the Kuril ridge and adjacent areas of the Pacific Ocean.”

Thus, it is obvious that the aggressor’s lack of this ferry, among other things, complicates the economic aspect of the Russian occupation of the Kuril Islands of Japan, and therefore this situation, if of course we are really talking about the “impact of sanctions,” indicates their effectiveness.

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