In the social networks of occupied Sevastopol, a wave of sarcasm regarding “geographical innovations” from the Kremlin “Metropolitan of Simferopol and Crimea” Tikhon (Shevkunov) has not subsided for several days, as “the ideological inspirer of the project of a historical and archaeological park”, as a center of propaganda for the “Russian world” on the ruins of the ancient Chersonese.
Let us recall that during the construction of pseudo-museum buildings by the aggressor military, groundwater was exposed there, which the occupiers are now forced to dump into the sea along a separate channel. And it was Tikhon, as “chairman of the Patriarchal Council for Culture,” who proposed to name this artificial river from the aggressor army as Heroon.
This is explained in the occupation press by the fact that “Heroon is an ancient sanctuary, the burial place of an important figure and often a hero. These were usually erected on the supposed grave or place of death of a person.” Allegedly, “such a heroon was found at an excavation site near the river” as “the burial of one of the first mayors of Chersonesus”.
The fact that the issue of funerals now occupies a significant part of the occupiers’ subconscious was clear even without the “geographical discoveries” from Tikhon.
But the people’s imagination of the Sevastopol’s inhabitants was broader and they proposed as an alternative to name the watercourse as “Nezhdanka [Non-Expected] River”, “New Jordan”, “Nile named after Comrade Shevkunov”, “Shevkunovka”, “Mitropolka River, in honor of Heroon, sorry – “hero” (or Charon Chersonese) and the initiator”.
In addition to the sarcasm on the topic “maybe Styx, Charon or Hades at once… there are enough funerary motifs, there are plenty of them”, and that “no geological exploration was carried out at the construction site at all”, a fairly simple fact has not yet been publicly noted.
The “new name” of the river is certainly, from the point of view of Christianity, a symbol of a pagan temple, it is also an “ancient sanctuary” or, simply put, the cult of the dead, to which, for example, in the Orthodox worldview the only possible definition is applicable: “satanic”.
Of course, scientists or the public, including atheists, can have any opinions regarding these words and processes, but such a proposal from the “Metropolitan” immediately and forever diagnoses the level of his “faith,” as well as its true nature.

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