The aggressor’s propaganda spread yet another “masterpiece” about allegedly “days of Armenian culture” held in the 14th-century monastery of Surb-Khach, not far from Stary Krym. And here it is worth publicly noting the not long ago familiar criminal entourage of Crimean collaborators from the corresponding diaspora, such as the criminal “chairman of the regional Armenian national-cultural autonomy” Georgy Hakobyan.

“Talking Armenian heads” brought by the special services of the aggressor from the occupied mainland became characteristic: Yuri Balyan from Melitopol and Khoren Gabrielyan from Henichesk. As the Ukrainian media write, before the large-scale aggression, Balyan and his son Edgar were noted both in millions of tenders and in photographs with the then mayor of Melitopol, Sergei Minko.

Further, Balyan Sr. and his restaurant “Joker”, located in the Russian-occupied Melitopol, became one of the key “rest” places for the bosses of the occupational “administration” and of the aggressor’s military, including the fake governor Yevgeny Balitsky.

Although for the “Crimean media” Yuri Balyan now began to shed “crocodile tears” about his son who allegedly “left his family” and moved to Canada. However, a more logical option is when the Balyan family, robbed on the blood of the Melitopol people, “prudently” and forwards across the ocean in advance.

As for Gabrielyan, his belonging to an ethnic group until 2022, which was engaged in the illegal transportation of passengers to the Crimea under the control of the aggressor’s special services, as well as the trafficking of weapons, drugs and prostitution, including children’s, has long become a byword.

In 2020, Khoren and four of his namesakes carried out group hooliganism in the Henichesk district, and in fact an act of intimidation of the local population. But the verdict in this case 653/2698/20, by coincidence, is not publicly available, and one of Gabrielyan’s accomplices was recently released “on parole”.

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