Following the results of the III Strategic Forum “The Future of Crimea” held in March in Transcarpathia, the Chairman of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center Eskender Bariev noted that “many in Ukraine and beyond have heard about the Crimean Platform. And indeed, thanks to the initiative of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, the idea of ​​creating a circle of friends in Ukraine de-occupation of Crimea has become a reality. Three high-level Summits have already been held with the participation of presidents and prime ministers of the countries participating in the Crimean Platform, two parliamentary summits of the Crimean Platform, forums of the Expert Network of the Crimean Platform.”
The member of the Mejlis stated that today it is necessary to carry out work on the institutionalization of the Crimean Platform, and also that “a very important problem remains the role of the Expert Network of the Crimean Platform not only as “mass entertainers,” which, of course, is also important, but the main and authoritative a source of analytical products for the formation of public policies of Ukraine and the countries participating in the Crimean Platform and interstate decisions of the countries participating in the Crimean Platform”.
Any structure becomes strong, effective and understandable if internal policies are developed. Therefore, Bariev added, at the Forum experts actively discussed such internal policies as the Rules of the Expert Network, the Policy for Searching and Attracting Experts, the Policy for the Formation and Planning of the Expert Work’s Cost, the Policy for Assessing the Effectiveness of Expert Work, while, as it turned out, “this is complex and a knowledge-intensive process that led to active discussions”.
Eskender Bariev added that “the discussion of policies caused a heated discussion among experts. During the discussion, the participants formed a strong position that in order to attract more reputable scientists and researchers and generate high-quality analytical material on the issues of de-occupation and reintegration of the Crimea, it is necessary to clearly formulate understandable and transparent rules as the above-mentioned politicians will become”.
All these projects will be presented in the future to the Expert Network of the Crimean Platform for their discussion, adoption and subsequent application. Let us recall that the Forum was attended by 20 experts, including representatives of the academic environment of Ukraine, experts of the Expert Network of the Crimean Platform, public figures, journalists, doctors and candidates of legal, geographical, economic, political, sociological, historical and pedagogical sciences, including representatives our Association: professor Borys Babin, Olesya Tsybulko, PhD Anna Prikhodko and PhD Eduard Pleshko.

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