On May 22, the occupiers-controlled “media” announced a “severe sentence for a corrupt official”, since the illegal “district court” of occupied Sevastopol “weighed out” a whole “probationary year” for the notorious “king of the markets” of the occupied city, Vadim Kirpichnikov.

The essence of the “high-profile case” was that the colonizer Kirpichnikov, in a criminal and at the same time extremely pecuniary role of “the head of the market department” of the Russia-captured city, “signed an agreement to locate a retail outlet without bidding”.

Although, in fact, Kirpichnikov, who was brought to Sevastopol in the team of the previous criminal “governor” Dmitry Ovsyannikov, did exactly the same in the occupied city that he had previously played in Togliatti and Samara, namely, a simple scheme for the demolition of “insolvent trading facilities” and “increased funding” for others.

In Sevastopol, Kirpichnikov actively “fought against illegal trade”, including demolishing objects on Zakharova Square, Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue and other places, which, among other things, led to an unprecedented rampant trade “from the ground” and “from hands” in Sevastopol gateways .

However, the invaders’ punishers staged a “mask show” with Kirpichnikov in November 2021 for a prosaic reason – the new fake “governor” Razvozhaev needed a new one, controlled “master of the markets”, and the aforementioned “Volga native” was not going to leave the criminal “position”.

However, in the current conditions for Kirpichnikov, the “severe sentence” has literally become a “lucky ticket” and a reason to leave the occupied region on the eve of obvious and rather striking events.

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