We have previously repeatedly written about yet another fake “claim” regarding the alleged “moral damage to Crimean residents from the water blockade,” which the collaborators “filed from the public chamber of the republic,” naturally not being interested in the opinion of the “victims,” but immediately declaring “3 trillion in damage”. Among other things, the collaborators “specified” that after this show they would send individual “morally destitute people” to “court for compensation for moral damage”.

Now the criminal Efim Fiks and Yuri Shturtsev, “who filed the relevant documents with the supreme court” of the occupiers, “clarified” that the current “case” is supposedly dedicated to “establishing the fact of harm caused to them by the Ukrainian authorities as a result of the water blockade of the peninsula, and providing residents of the republic with the right to appeal to court”.

That is, “damage” will be fabricated according to the “special procedure” of the aggressor’s codes, where in fact “the court establishes facts of legal significance only if it is impossible for the applicant to otherwise obtain the appropriate documents certifying these facts, or if it is impossible to restore lost documents”; this is not a “claim” and there will be no “defendant” in the “case”.

Although, of course, in fact, establishing harm in any legal system of the world without a defendant in the order of “establishing a fact” cannot be carried out; however, it is obvious that the “supreme court” of the occupiers does not need anything to further stretch the repeatedly used latex of the aggressor’s “procedural law”. Most likely, the collaborators clearly plan to use the “results of the process” not just in propaganda, but exclusively “for internal use” and therefore, given the limited number of qualified psychiatrists in the Crimea, nothing can limit the “flight of thought” of Fix and Konstantinov.

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