The aggressor’s propaganda “happyly reported” in February that “two international routes appeared in Crimea over the past year,” namely, buses from Yalta to Minsk and from Yevpatoria to Sukhumi, announcing another illegal flight from Yalta to Tskhinvali in 2024. Previously, we described the family of swindlers, Elmaz, Rustam and Rushen Ablyakimovs and their illegal structure “Bolshoi Mir” (“Big World”), “responsible for the Minsk route” with the criminal assistance of the Russian ministry of transport, and now it is worth to describe the carriers to “sunny Abkhazia”. As in the “Minsk case”, propaganda does not name the companies’ contacts, but an analysis of the “licenses” allows us to assert the involvement of the Simferopol “firms” “Predpriyatie ADK-Krym” (“ADK-Crimea Enterprise”) and “Avto-Tour” in this process.

In these structures, the series of “founders”, “directors” and other persons involved changed constantly, but it is worth noting their connection with another Crimean “carrier”, namely “Victoria”, which, like “ADK-Krym”, also carries out “children’s transportation”, so it it probably involved in the processes of criminal deportation of Ukrainian children. Among the persons mentioned in the “registers” in this regard, it is worth noting Natalya Romaniva, Viktor Ranyuk, Anastasia Ranyuk, Pavel Terekhov, Victoria Prikhodko, as well as the “arbitration manager” Konstantin Kontsevoy. At the same time, the Ranyuk family is also “noted” in suburban transportation in Adygea, and therefore it is not surprising that buses from “ADK-Krym” are illegally transported from the Crimea not only to Sukhumi, but also to Tuapse.

Before the occupation, the Ranyuk family was engaged in transportation in the “Auto-Stop” company with other founders, and in “ADK-Krym” they were Andrei Prikhodko, Weiss Seidali and Tatyana Nazarova, who “disappeared from the radar” in 2021. Therefore, it can be argued that the real beneficiaries of this “business” are still in the shadows and continue to enjoy good incomes, which in 2022 alone amounted to “in the white version” about 67 million rubles from more than 20 routes.

The fact that the Ranyuk family plays the role of “zits-chairmen” in this business is also proven by the old, back in 2016, “scandal in a noble family”, when competitors decided to “remove from the flight” the “Tavrtrans” structure, which had “laundered” on a “single ticket” “at least 350 million. Since then the “single ticket” scam also included ferry transportation across the Kerch Strait, the “golden key” to it was in the hands of the “owners of the ferry crossing”, and clearly not in the hands of the “director and accountant”, whose role was then played by those same Andrei Prikhodko and Victor Ranyuk.

It is noteworthy that even the formal “founders” of that same “Tavrtrans”, where millions were dissolved “on a single ticket”, were hidden successively in the “firms” “Centaur” and “Drivezone”, where the ends were hidden in the personalities of the same no-names, but from Moscow – Natalya Borisova and Alexander Aprischenko.

It is tragicomic that eight years ago, the former “director” of that same “Centaur” Tatyana Gritsak, probably “offended at the settlement”, initiated dozens of fruitless “complaints to the prosecutor’s office” against “Tavrtrans”, but “for some reason” no one began to listen to her. What scams the occupiers are preparing on the “new flight to Tskhinvali”, will obviously become known in the near future.

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