In February, we cited a statement by the criminal “minister of sports” of the occupiers from Kaluga, Olga Torubarova, that her fake department “supports the position of a possible boycott of the Olympics,” while she called “performance under a neutral flag” “unacceptable” and stated that “never the interests of one person cannot stand above the interests of the country”, that it is “unacceptable to represent” the aggressor “without a flag and anthem – the main symbols of the state”

As it now “suddenly turned out”, a similar position was taken in the Kremlin, and one of the consequences of the “Olympic boycott”, so joyfully received by the criminal Vladimir Konstantinov, was a sharp reduction in “budget funding” for “sports” as a propaganda tool for the aggressor.

Now that same Torubarova states that “the occupiers do not have programs according to which events of various formats will be organized; and at the same time, she placed “responsibility for the development of physical education and sports” “not on the ministry of sports, but on municipal administrations.”

However, knowing full well that there is obviously no money for “sports programs” there either, the fake “minister of sports” ordered the introduction of “five-minute sports for health and recreation” “in all schools and organizations in the Crimea.” According to Torubarova, “like in Soviet times,” in organizations employees will allegedly “go out into the corridor and do exercises,” but it is obvious that the criminal “official” herself understands perfectly well that this farce can only exist on the “blue screens” of the occupiers’ propaganda.

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