We previously wrote that in occupied Yevpatoria, during the demolition of the buildings of the “Rodnichok” boarding house on Polupanova Street, the invaders destroyed a monumental mosaic panel by Yuri Belkin and Georgy Bondar. The demolition took place in the process of developing the territory of the boarding house with apartment buildings for Russian colonialists through a fake “Russian” clone of the boarding house, “registered” to Dmitry Zhulanov from Novosibirsk with “director” Igor Pitukhin from the Murmansk region.

The fact that the mosaic panel “Hutsul Dance” was destroyed as of February 11 is no longer news, but here the very activity of the occupation “authorities” has become quite characteristic. After the publication, the criminal Sergei Aksyonov announced an “instruction to the ministries of tourism and culture” to “save the panel,” and the criminal “head of the administration” of Yevpatoria, Elena Demidova, stated that “the administration did not stand aside” and that supposedly “the mosaic will be moved.” After this, the panel was immediately completely destroyed, and demonstratively to pieces, but at the same time, through the controlled “media,” they blamed everything on the “general contractor” who allegedly “wanted 6 million” and allegedly “wanted” them so much that he destroyed the monument immediately after the “ultimatum.”

At the same time, the same “media” did not hesitate to call the new stage of destruction of cultural heritage a “useful precedent”, since “on instructions from the Republican Ministry of Culture”, its “employees” went to Yevpatoria to “study the situation, assess the artistic, architectural and historical value of the mosaic panels in the city and their condition”: obviously, other “too Ukrainian” architectural objects of the occupied city will soon be demonstratively erased from the face of the earth by the collaborators.

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