In February 2024, the discussion of the Crimean ties of the Ukrainian official Arsen Zhumadilov intensified, regarding the issue of his wife’s voluntary and proactive receipt of a “Russian passport” on the occupied peninsula in 2021 was discussed in December. In January, the main “focus” of attention shifted to the activities of the official’s brother, Murat Zhumadilov, in whose name the Kiev company “Crimean Style” is registered, with the main activity “construction of power supply and telecommunications structures”.

The point was not only about Murat’s probable residence in the occupied Crimea, in the village of Andrusovo (Takhta-Jami), where he probably “bought a house” in 2018, but also about the fact that the contact telephone number of the mentioned company completely coincides with one of the “Atlant-Service” carrier’s contacts. “Atlant-Service” publicly offering since 2022 the transportation between the occupied parts of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions, Crimea, Russian regions, controlled territory of Ukraine, EU countries, Georgia, Turkey and so on.

Let us note that before the large-scale invasion, Murat was “shown” in the reports of “Krym.Realii” as “the administrator of the Facebook group “Chongar-Chaplinka-Kalanchak””, and he did not hesitate to talk to journalists about such “cute little things” as “popular questions about the transfer of large sums of money” to and from the occupied peninsula. Indeed, it is naive to assume that the activities of “Atlant-Service:, constantly advertised on social networks, remain outside the field of view of the aggressor’s intelligence services; It is quite obvious that if it took place in occupied territory without “obvious benefit” for the invaders’ commercial, reconnaissance and subversive activities, eather the outcome of its work would be extremely quick and extremely tragic.

In the context of the comfortable existence of “Atlant-Service”, let us recall that we have repeatedly described how painful the aggressor’s propaganda, the criminal “administrations”, and the invaders’ punishers, in principle, relate to passenger transportation under occupation. At the same time, the website of this “transport structure” mentions “individual entrepreneur” Shamil Alyadinov, whose “full namesake” received “license AK 82-000984” from the occupiers in Simferopol in 2021 for “activities of transporting passengers and other persons by buses”.

Let us note that, as follows from the register of “decisions of magistrates” of the occupiers, Murat Zhumadilov had a “loan issued” with “Tinkoff Bank” until 2022, and as they write in the media, in 2017 he applied to the occupation “authorities” for an “exchange driver’s license,” and in 2020 he initiated a case in the “Simferopol district court” for “the recovery of three cars that he paid for but never received”.

The above-mentioned “February aggravation” regarding Arsen Zhumadilov is associated with his mention in the published declaration of the use of the mentioned Murat’s house in the Andrusove village; however, against the backdrop of the comfortable work of “Atlant-Service” in the occupied territory, this is the least of the problems for further study by the authorized structures.

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