A few days ago, Russian propaganda began to disseminate provocative statements by Eritrean Ambassador to Moscow Petros Tseggai Asghedom regarding the occupied Crimea, as well as Odessa.

Let us recall that this graduate of the Odessa Polytechnic Institute in 1974 until 2014 was the Ambassador of Eritrea to Germany, and then he was hastily transferred to Moscow and then actively promotes criminal narratives in favor of the aggressor.

For example, in 2015, Tseggai met with the fake “ambassador of South Ossetia in Russia” Znaur Gassiev, and in 2018 he criminally arrived in the occupied Sevastopol, where the Russian invaders announced an illegal and fake “agreement between the port cities of Sevastopol and Massawa”.

However, now the same Tseggai admits that in Eritrea itself “they do not yet understand all the prospects for such cooperation”; at the same time, he is preparing a visit to Moscow by Eritrean President Isaias Afwerk for the so-called “second Russia-Africa summit”, promised for July 2023.

It is obvious that the aggressor wants to criminally use the Eritrean regime for his “sea hub”, and not so much for propaganda purposes of the illegal supposedly “Crimean trade”, but primarily to support the paramilitary activity of various terrorist structures in the region of East Africa and Arabia.

Possible interaction with the Iranian regime regarding Yemen, neighboring Eritrea, where the conflict continues, is not ruled out.

It should be noted that on January 6, in the Gulf of Oman, ships of the US Fifth Fleet intercepted a fishing vessel with six Yemenis on the sea route from Iran to Yemen, on board of which there were 2116 AK-47 assault rifles. Over the previous months, US ships were intercepted in the indicated two more such vessels and the aggressor-controlled “Sevastopol media” “suddenly” began to write about these events.

Also, do not forget about the epic with the container ship “Lady R”, owned by Russian companies. The ship operated in Southern Africa and, according to The Wall Street Journal, South African authorities declined to say what it was carrying or what was loaded on it at the Naval Base Simon’s Town.

These publications caused a nervous statement by South African Minister of Defense Thandi Modise, who indiscriminately announced some kind of alleged “threats” after the publicity of this suspicious operation.

The vessel “Lady R” is connected with the companies of the aggressor “MG-FLOT”, registered in the Dagestan village of Akhty, as well as “Transmorflot”, which fell under US sanctions for illegal transportation of weapons, headed by Sergei Vlasenko.

The “Lady R” vessel itself, also separately under US sanctions, exported some cargo from Novorossiysk to Indian Cochin in the summer of 2022, and since then it has been operating in the waters off the coast of Africa. Now this obvious carrier of the aggressor’s military cargoes is moving along the coast of East Africa, the Black Sea has been declared its destination, and the route will pass by the same Eritrea.

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