On February 8, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child published its Concluding Observations CRC/C/RUS/CO/6-7 regarding the situation with violations of the relevant UN Convention by the aggressor. Let us recall that since 2022, our Association has been constantly reporting to UN bodies, including the Committee, about the aggressor’s crimes against the rights of Ukrainian children, including forced deportation through the occupied Crimea. In the Observations, the Committee recalled the likely responsibility of the Commissioner under the Russian president, “whose mandate is to protect children,” for war crimes consisting of the illegal deportation of children and the illegal transfer of children from the occupied territories of Ukraine and demanded that the Kremlin investigate allegations of war crimes committed by this face.

The Committee also emphasized concerns that Russia is persecuting children for expressing political views, has introduced administrative and criminal liability for “discrediting the Russian army,” as well as bans and restrictions on social networking platforms. The Committee noted that the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine, initiated by Russia, has led to serious violations of rights under the Convention.

In particular, the Committee pointed to the killing and injury of hundreds of children as a result of Russian indiscriminate attacks; for cases of forced displacement or forcible deportation of children, “including from and to areas where the state party exercises effective control”, for forcible imposition of Russian citizenship, for cases of ill-treatment and torture, sexual violence against children by occupiers, detentions children, to Russian attacks on hospitals, schools and educational institutions and the occupation of schools by Russian armed forces, to the introduction of “Russian educational programs” and military training in schools in occupied Ukrainian territory.

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