On March 24, exactly one year after the explosions in Russia-captured Berdyansk on a group of large landing ships (BDK or LLS), the Russian invaders in Sevastopol “officially confirmed” the loss of the “Saratov” LLS, as well as “the loss of the personnel of the LLS “”Saratov”, “Novocherkassk”, “Caesar Kunikov””.

This was stated by the “commander of the Crimean naval base” of the aggressor Felix Menkov; however, even here the aggressor’s propaganda is trying to play up, stating that the “Saratov” was allegedly “specially flooded” after the explosions began, and then “raised” in July but allegedly ship turned out to be “unsuitable for use”.

In fact, right away, on March 24, it was obvious that there was no one may and nothing was able to flood – after the explosion of ammunition, rusty scrap metal remained at the pier. The only inaccuracy was the name of the deceased ship, since then some sources announced an explosion on the LLS “Orsk” of the same type; however, this circumstance was quickly clarified.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the traditional “boards” on the walls of Russia-occupied Sevastopol, this time “fraternal”, since the occupiers have not yet determined the exact number of losses from explosions in Berdyansk, the aggressor “decided to particularly distinguish himself”.

His Berdyansk puppet Alexander Saulenko, who received 15 years in prison from a Ukrainian court a week ago in absentia for treason, “decided to mark the anniversary of the Saratov sinking” with nothing less than a “solemn salute.” Obviously, this is not the last “ceremonial salute” regarding the death of other ships of the Russian naval group as part of Russian naval aggression.

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