Since January 18, a serious scandal has been going on in social networks among representatives of the occupiers and collaborators, connected with the activities of “major” Yulia Petrakova from the “Crimean” “126th marine brigade” of the aggressor.

An active Russian terrorist, “Cossack” Yegor Guzenko, who writes criminal “front-line messages” in the format of a telegram channel, accused Petrakova of constantly plundering the so-called “humanitarian aid”, moreover, as “centralized”, that is, forcibly criminally confiscated by the aggressor from “business and population” to “the needs of the front”, and “personal parcels of relatives”. In particular, Guzenko cites the case of “the loss of an aid truck” in the Crimean village of Perevalne, where the “126th brigade” is based.

Let us recall that Petrakova until 2014 served in the Ukrainian marines, then changed her oath and went to the service of the Russian invaders. They made her a “star” of their criminal propaganda, “tank commander”, “deputy commander of a motorized rifle battalion for military-political work”, “winner of tank biathlons” and so on.

After the start of a large-scale invasion, Petrakova, who had previously “not crawled out” from the invaders’ “army newspapers”, was “noted” as “rewarded” by the criminal “head of Crimea” Aksyonov with the so-called “Crimean order” “for fidelity to duty”. At the same time, the propaganda formulations of the “reasons for the award” were extremely absurd: allegedly, “tank commander” Petrakova, somewhere in the south of mainland Ukraine, “brought the unit out of encirclement” and at the same time “carried the wounded on herself.” In addition, the “garbage nature” of this fake “local” and not “federal” “award” was also obvious.

After the “revelations” of Guzenko, Petrakova was predictably “interceded” by the “Crimean blogger” Alexander Talipov, who began to publicly frighten Guzenko with “military counterintelligence” and Petrakova’s “officer-husband”, who would “tear Yegorka to a German cross.”

“In response”, the same Guzenko cites correspondence with “fighters from the 126th brigade” that, it turns out, Petrakov’s “order-bearer” did not take part in the battles at all since February 24 and was in the same Crimean Perevalne, while the “brigade suffered huge losses”. As Guzenko adds, there are “several dozens of evidence that “Petrakova is stealing a humanitarian aid” from him, “they simply torn my personal account.”

Without delving into this “rat fuss”, it is only worth stating that Talipov’s “version” about the “volunteer” Petrakova, to put it mildly, is implausible.

After all, Petrakova is not some kind of “civilian”, like the “black transplantologists” we previously studied, but a whole “major of the 126th brigade” and her excursions around the front zone with “delivering humanitarian aid”, and even supposedly “to a number of units” is not enough with such a criminal are linked by status.

But the “friendship” of Petrakova with Aksenov and Talipov fits very well with the “missing trucks”, so the further development of this “struggle” can become quite interesting.

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